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Target Local Customers with Local Internet Marketing

It may be surprising to know that the top way to market to your local customer base is no longer leaflets, newspaper ads or a spot on your local radio station. It is the internet that is the number one source of sales leads for local people looking for a local business. The way to market to your local customer is to use local internet marketing to actively target people in your area.

Affordable SEO Techniques
The great advantage of this local internet marketing technique is it is also much cheaper because it is aimed at a particular location. This is because while a keyword may be extraordinarily popular the keyword and your local area or areas usually means that the marketing effort needed to get top search results is much less. This is a great affordable SEO technique because it is very successful in bringing customers to your website and to your door.

Customers Have Changed
It was only a few years ago that newspapers and the yellow pages were that to sources of local business information. The ubiquity of the internet has quickly made it the most convenient way to search for anything. One click to open the search engine site and then the product or service that they are interested in is entered and their location. The search results not only show the usual information but many also bring up maps showing the person exactly how to get there. How can a newspaper or the yellow pages compete with the power of local internet marketing?

Local Internet Marketing Tips
It is important to have your website optimized so that your local customers can obtain all the information they need quickly and easily. This may mean a separate landing page for local customers that are tailored to their needs.

Tailored search engine optimization to specifically target local customers in your immediate area and in surrounding areas. This is important because many local people with search the nearest area they expect to find the services or the nearest large town.

Have content pages that are relevant to people in the local area. This can be entirely new content or you can recycle good content to give it a local spin.
Use the services of an SEO specialist that understands how to market locally to get the best affordable SEO results.


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Social Bookmarking Automation for SEO Improvement

Social bookmarking is a new-again area that can help to improve your SEO and page ranking when used properly. Like social media the hype surrounding bookmarking has seen it oversold as a small business SEO must have. The network of links and back links can definitely be a very positive way to increase your websites visibility but it needs to be handled properly.

What Social Bookmarking Does
The concept is simple when you visit bookmarking sites you can add links to your content. These links can then be viewed by others and added to their bookmarks and they can also vote the links up or down depending on what they think of them.

The ultimate positive is that it becomes a hit and your post and website go ‘viral’ being shared across the internet. From a marketing standpoint it is an inexpensive and easy way to generate positive results but it is very important that it be treated in the right way. The items that you post need to have merit and posting sales material will not work.

Automated Submission
There are automated products that allow you to submit the information you want posted once and have a series of social bookmarking sites updated with the information. This can save valuable time but requires that you ensure that the submission and the link are quality content not a sales spiel or you can get a very negative reaction.

Back Links and SEO
Bookmarking submission can generate a huge amount of quality back links that can give a welcome boost to small business SEO. It is a very easy fit if you are already creating quality content in the form of articles or blog posts. The increasing amount of back links over time is a great way to build organic SEO and is well worth the time an effort.

Creating interesting and informative content can funnel many visitors to your website and quality really pays off. The viral nature of social bookmarking sites means that any quality submission has a chance of being picked up there is no formula to what will be popular today or tomorrow. Your SEO specialist may be able to include this as part of their content marketing plan.


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Apple Copyrights term “SEO”; Demands Royalties

Happy April Fool’s day everyone!

On to the real article…

Small Business SEO Updates Are the Key to Success

One of the major problems that many small business owners have when having SEO work done is continuity. It is treated as a one off expense that has been done and can just be left or maybe updated when the website is refreshed in a few years. When you engage a Los Angeles SEO company then it is vital that you have an ongoing maintenance contract to keep updating content and build upon the base of your initial SEO work.

Content Is King
The top way to improve small business SEO is to have a constant stream of content being added. This improves your SEO visibility and gives you more marketing opportunities. Each piece of content can be used in a number of ways to create links and appeal to your site visitors funneling towards your sales page.

Blogging is a great way to boost small business SEO and it can be done by your SEO partner for a surprising low cost. A blog site can be an easy and low cost way that helps to attract customers to relevant products on your website. Every link to and from the blog site is increasing your reach and enhancing your visibility.

Mobile Device Accessible
When you are planning your ongoing maintenance with your Los Angles SEO Company make sure that solution is compatible with the increasing number of mobile devices. Smart phones and Pad devices are being sold by the billion and can be catered to easily when kept in mind.

Media Is Exciting
One area of content you might not have thought about is pictures, graphics and videos. These can be a great way to drive interest and are a low cost way to enhance blog posts and to boost your standing on social media sites. Short how to videos, demonstration videos, product pictures and graphics that highlight functions and be a great way to interest people and draw them to your website to make a sale.

While you may be able to notice if you are selling more or less items at the end of the month metrics are the key to small business SEO. Metrics tell you how many people came to your website, which pages they visited and even which were converted to a sale. This is powerful information that when used regularly will help you understand exactly what is working and what needs modification.


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Obtain the Best Results by Using Affordable SEO

If you have a website that you want to attract visitors to then you need affordable SEO to improve your visibility and search engine rankings. One of the ways that many people try to lower the cost is to do SEO themselves. This can be a frustrating and the vast majority of cases a wasteful time that achieves little. It is always best to hire an SEO specialist they are affordable and can work out a strategy for your website that can ensure you get off to a fast start from day one.

Discuss You Budget
The best way to get affordable SEO services is to be upfront about your budget and let the expert guide you through the options and packages available. It is common for people that have had little experience with SEO and internet marketing to understand the merits of pay per click campaigns versus organic SEO marketing.

Low Hanging Fruit
An experienced SEO expert can organize a package that will build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Organic SEO campaigns are normally very cost effective and will grow your ranking and visibility overtime. They are also multi faceted so are great for learning what keywords and content works in your situation allowing a highly focus and highly adaptable way of marketing.

Affordable SEO & Internet Marketing
Traditional advertising can be highly costly and can also be quite difficult to target your audience. When you use search engine optimization and internet marketing then your costs can be directed towards attracting visitors to your site and to maximizing the conversion rate of visitors to sales. The internet makes the capture of this data simple and means that you can monitor the results of each part of the affordable SEO campaign to see how many people it brings and of those visitors how many were converted to sales.

Don’t Ignore the Mobile Market
One are that you might want to pay particular attention to is the mobile device market. This includes smart phones and pad devices that are being sold in there billions. They are making an increasing large segment of the market and ensuring your website is optimized for them can be an inexpensive way to ensure you are reaching the widest audience possible.


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Internet Marketing Using PPC Management

There are some major areas of internet marketing that have undergone major changes as the internet has evolved. The press release service has gone from typed words to multimedia releases with videos and graphics. Pay per click has also changed from a very unsophisticated service to a highly managed service with the ability to target an audience with remarkable precision.

PPC Management
When you use a PPC management service then they take care of your entire pay per click campaign. They can offer a fully integrated service that takes all of the hard work out of organizing a pay per click campaign. They manage the keyword selection and integration and deliver visitors to your site quickly and at a price that is competitive.

Online marketing and PPC
When you engage a PPC management service then they can work within your existing SEO structure to increase your organic SEO and tie into other marketing such as a press release service to improve the effectiveness of the campaign or even help to build a quality email list of interested potential customers.

Their online marketing professionals can set up a campaign for you and also help with selecting the right conversion strategy that helps you to turn the maximum amount of visitors to purchasers. The advantage of pay per click is the ability to see results fast with clicks bringing people to your website as soon as the campaign starts.

How does PPC work?
When you engage the PPC management company they will match your businesses website to specific keywords that they have researched and found both a target audience and relevancy to your products and services. This is important because the match between the advertisement that is used by the Pay Per Click Company and the page that the visitor lands on will be the prime factor in how many visitors are converted to sales.

Detailed Data
The modern pay per click campaigns generate a huge amount of data that can quickly show how each phase of the campaign is going. This allows the fine control of each step in the process so that the most can be gained from the ongoing campaign. The breakdown of the data allows you to assign a direct cost per sale giving you confidence about the ability of a campaign to deliver customers and sales.


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Improve Your Targeted Email Marketing With an Integrated Approach

When you are looking for the best way to build a customer base then effectively capturing and working with email address is the most productive approach. Targeted email marketing uses these captured email addresses to send information directly to people that are interested in the product or service you are selling.

Autoresponder Systems
It is important to automate the email system that will be handling your customer list or lists so that you can quickly and efficiently work with the list and track your interactions with each individual. You might use website SEO to attract prospects to a landing page that asks for their email address and other details. It quickly becomes difficult to use this information on your computers email program. The solution is to use software designed for bulk emails that is operated on a server and works continuously.

Automation for Ease of Use
Once you have a significant list of potential customers it becomes increasingly difficult to work with them manually. When you use a bulk email program it automates all the processes and automatically adds new entries and removes those that use the opt-out process. It also allows you to use a standard format so all emails have a familiar feel that gives a professional look to your communications. It is important to have this system in place before do major website SEO work or commencing a marketing campaign so that you can deal effectively with the email address harvesting.

Marketing to the List
This begins when the person opt-in to your list which might entitle them to a discount, a bonus or a giveaway. It is important to quickly deliver this to increase your credibility with the potential customer. This can be automated which delivers it instantly and without intervention. You can then present your prospects with targeted email marketing material. When they click on the product or products in the email they are taken to a landing page or a sales page.

Build an Affiliate Network
A great way to build an affiliate network is to include your affiliate program link on any targeted email marketing that you do. This can quickly build a great marketing network that will widen your sales and build loyalty with your affiliates as the earn rewards or commissions.


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Have You Considered Using a Press Release Service?

The press release has changed dramatically from the text only piece of paper that was common only a few years ago. It was a forerunner of targeted email marketing where a press release was faxed to important media outlets and a list of customers and interested parties.

Press Release Services
In modern times, press release service has evolved to become authoritative sources of information. They have extensive archives and keep your press releases active and searchable. This makes it a valuable marketing tool that makes it more likely that information in a press release will be viewed by people using search engines. This includes commentators, media writers and researchers as well as potential customers that see a press release in a search that they have entered. The reputation of the service has made your press release much more likely to be seen in search engines.

Not Just Printed Words
Press release services do not limit press releases to words in fact you can use and link media files of any type. Links are able to be used allowing you to link directly back to product pages making them a valuable way of bringing visitors to your website. They have become similar in content to what you would expect from a targeted email marketing blast.

You can use them to drive a mini marketing push writing a blog about the press release and also linking them to social media sites that you have a presence on. The content remains the same so it requires very little work to turn a single release into a marketing storm.

Anchor Text
Many press release services allow you to use anchor text in the release. This is a great way to link specific items back to the appropriate web pages and should be taken advantage of if available. This can have a very positive effect on the pages SEO ranking because of the release services high ranking.

It is common for people that are referring to release to include a link to the release, your website or both so this helps to improve your websites visibility both directly and indirectly. The next time you have some interesting information the use a press release as part of your marketing effort.


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Enhance Website SEO but Do Not Forget Page Speed

Every website has positive and negative aspects that go together to give an overall impression. Some sites have a lot of advertisements while others have a more dated look yet we still visit them and but from them. People will put up with some negatives without immediately clicking out of the website but there is one thing that will almost guarantee a frustrated potential customer will go somewhere else. That is a website that loads slowly leaving them waiting and in the digital age with so many alternatives they will not wait long.

Website SEO and Page Load Speed
You may not realize it but search engines carefully check page load speed and this can negatively affect your website SEO. This can be a major reason that organic SEO marketing campaigns are not effective. The negative impact stops the good search engine optimization work from improving your ranking.

Slow Page Loads Are a Double Whammy
When you have pages that load slowly then you are negating your website SEO and frustrating page visitors. This means that even if you manage to bring people to your website that they are not likely to end up purchasing from you because they are frustrated by slow page load speeds. This is a widespread problem that many website owners are unaware of. They can fix the problem for a tiny fraction of what an organic SEO campaign would cost.

The Answer Is Simple
Your website is probably sitting on a website hosting server. It is important that you are on an appropriate plan that has enough bandwidth to serve your pages quickly. If the problem is not your account but the host themselves, then you need to change to a host that can provide page loads at an acceptable rate.

It is worth the extra expense to have a quality host that can serve your pages to all of your site visitors at full speed. This is one of the least understood aspects of website SEO and is catching out many websites that should otherwise be performing well. It pays to check your website to make certain that it loads quickly for all of your visitors so that you can be assured that this problem is not affecting you.


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Blog Posting a Great Way to Build Organic SEO

The single biggest problem which people that start blogs for business or personal use is regularly updating. It always seems that like there is something more important than blog posting and all of a sudden it is two months without a post and no one is bothering to check back on the blog anymore.

Regular Updates
It is important that you have regular updates to keep regular readers interested. It also helps to build organic SEO as your blog posting content and links help to increase your website page ranking. It is important that it be highly focus, relevant to your marketing strategy and of a high standard.

This might sound simple but it can be very difficult if you are not a professional writer. This is the reason that many SEO companies provide content provision and blog posting services. It is an economical way to get a professional writer to produce quality content for your blog.

Blog Topics
When you are thinking of blog topics to provide to a professional writer or to write yourself then it is important that you find areas that are relevant interesting and are linked to what you are selling. You might use some keyword search tools to look for keyword ideas that will also help you to build organic SEO as well as provide an interesting topic.

With a keyword or keywords and a topic then you can map out any relevant information and links on your website that should also be included. This gives the writer the information that they need and ensures that it will be both relevant and SEO compatible with your online marketing strategy.

Check the Quality
It is important that when you are blog posting that you have someone reliable check and edit the blog post. When you are using a professional writer then making sure that the post fits the tone you want for the blog is important. You should always advise if you want a fun tone or a professional tone and if you want it written in 1st person or not.

If any mistakes are made then simply send the writer or the SEO contact the problems you have found and any corrections or changes that you want. This will allow them to make the corrections and to better understand your needs for the next blog.


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All You Need To Know About Organic SEO Marketing

One of the most useful yet misunderstood areas of website SEO is organic SEO marketing. It is perhaps the most cost effective way to drive customers to your website. It requires the right strategy and it will not happen overnight. In fact, the biggest mistake that people make when instituting an organic campaign is not giving it enough time to gain traction. So, let’s look at some organic marketing basics.

Do Not Just Target the Home Page
When you are looking at using organic search engine optimization then it is important that every page becomes a focus point that can help you target your chosen keyword or keywords. This means that each page needs to be tightly focused so that the search engine gives it the highest possible ranking when it assessed. This means that every element on the page needs to help to maximize the keyword or keywords. In practice the headings and titles need to be related to the topic and the content and image metadata need to enhance the SEO of the page.

Be Smart With Keyword Selection
It is always tempting to try for the widest possible audience but the art of organic SEO marketing is to look for keywords that are going to give you the highest conversion rates. Each page of content can be aimed at niche keyword that while having a smaller audience if selected properly also is more focused on your product or service.

Top keywords are expensive real estate that requires a huge marketing effort just to be on the first page of results. You will also notice that search engines will have a lot of paid advertisements also competing for recognition. This is not where you want to be targeting your website SEO energy.

Keep Updating
The whole point of organic SEO marketing is to grow your reach through additional content targeting new keywords. It is important to carefully look at what works and what doesn’t so you can hone your organic marketing effort down to a sharp point. You organically grow as you add more and more pages that target more and more products. When pages are not effective then recycle them so that you have a constantly evolving strategy that follows what is successful.


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