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Category: SEO News

Lead Generation Cards on Twitter!

August 29th, 2013 – Ashley Acuna

Twitter has released a couple of updates this week – one is especially exciting news for Twitter advertisers. Twitter has made their lead generation cards available to everyone! In May of this year, Twitter released the lead generation cards to a selected group of advertisers to test and now they are available to all businesses in all languages. Of course, the feature is not free it operates similarly to a cost per click.

Twitter Lead Generation Card


Photo: Search Engine Watch

According to Twitters post about the lead Generation Cards:

Outdoor gear and apparel company Rock/Creek (@RockCreek) used the Lead Generation Card in a Promoted Tweet campaign to capture the email addresses of people who wanted to enter a drawing to win a free pair of Chaco sandals. The campaign saw a 4.6% engagement rate and generated over 1,700 new email contacts in less than one week.

One of the great things about this feature is that it has a really simple set up and collection process. In Only takes a few minutes to set-up and you can download leads from Twitter into a CSV OR have them go directing into your CRM!

Another great feature about the card is the analytic portion. Which allows you to see metrics that will help you optimize your cards.

Card Analytics

Photo: Twitter

With this move Twitter is definitely positioning themselves as a full on social media marketing player. Social media marketing will not only benefit your SEO purposes, but it is also will contribute to your lead generation with social media users.

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In Case You Hadn’t Heard, Google is Taking Over Your World: Google Now and SEO

Ashley Acuna – August 15th, 2013

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant – compatible on both Android and iOS. Google Now uses a voice interface to answer questions, make recommendations and perform actions. While it is a user initiated service, “it also delivers information to the user that it predicts they will want, based on their search habits.” Google Now recognizes repeated actions of the device user (i.e. locations, searches, email and calendar appointments). All of this information is depicted on ‘cards’ and the cards are displayed on the phone Google search application. Currently there are 24 card categories – events, movies, traffic, places etc.

Google Now


How Google Now will Affect Your SEO?

“The predictive power of Google Now goes to show exactly how much data and info Google actually has about user’s routines and daily lives.”

Google Now’s understanding of users needs can lead to better conversion rates since the goal of Google Now is to tailor the results to the user. An example of this would be similar to your current SEO tactics. By having an authoritative website with good content you become more relevant and visible to the searcher. Similarly with Google Now – however it will become even more critical to up your SEO from tactics to strategy so that you will gain visibility with a particular person. Yes, a person. With that visibility though – you are more likely to see a conversion because the result is tailored to the user.


Google Now Recommends


Strategy, Not Tactics

While SEO community has been discussing strategic SEO over tactical SEO for awhile, Google Now is going to force it. The reason being is that ranking on SERP does effective SEO (links, quality content, coding etc.); but since Google Now primarily pulls it information from searches, location, Gmail, Google+, Google Calendar, Google Finance…) the issue is clear. While this is in no way an exhaustive list – just like any other new process with Google – it will have to be figured out.


What Can You Do? Be Friends With Google? 

First thing, if you site is not optimized for a smartphone, do it. After all, 60% of consumers already consult their phone before visiting a brick and mortar. Secondly, optimize all of your Google service pages (Google+, Business Pages, +Local etc.) and engage so that you can understand user’s interactions.



Eventually Google Now will not just be limited to smartphones and tablets – it will be on Desktops. And like Google’s AdWords, you can be assured that they will be selling advertisement space within Google Now. As of today, comScore released date indication that over 19 billion searches were performed in July alone of those 19 billion, 66.7% of the core search were done through Google. Clearly, Google isn’t going anywhere. Time to adapt!

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Panda Update – A Google+ Page More Important Than Ever.

July 22, 2013 – Ashley Acuna

As the news has made it out of the gates over the past couple of days – primarily today – Google has released the latest Panda update. One of the results of the latest update is sites using Google+ are being rewarded. What does this mean? It means if you do not have a Google+ page for your website, then you need to get one.

How to Create a Google+ Page 

To create a Google+ page for your business, you will have to set up a personal Google+ page first; which of course requires a Google account.

To learn how to create a personal Google+ account you can visit this post to learn how to create it.

If you already have a Google+ account, here is how to create one for your business.

Go to create a page on Google+ and follow the steps to get started with Google+ pages for your business.

Pick A Category – Create A Page

You are going to want to pick a category for your Google+ page to fall under. Once you have selected a category for your business to fall under you can then move forward with customizing your Google+ page.


1. Add a Photo and Tagline

For your tagline you are going to want to write something – in ten words – that best describes your page. You are going to then add a profile photo. Most companies use their logo for their profile picture.

When you have finished with these two items, Google will ask you if you want to share the creation of your new page with your personal friends from you Google+ personal page. Since adding a tagline and profile picture are just the beginning of the customization process I would suggest holding off on this until you have completed your company profile. So you can just click finish so that you can view your new company Google+ page.



Go to your page’s profile and click on the About Tab and then select Edit Profile. 

In this area, you will want to include pertinent information to the business.

Examples of information to add:

Introduction (about you business)

Hours (especially for local businesses)

Website URL

Contact Information (phone, email, etc.)

You can also insert any links in this area that you would want you page visitors to see and click on. You can also do this is Recommended Links where you can link to other social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.) In the space for the introduction, keep in mind various keywords for your business as these will help you rank.


Cover Photo

Before you finish the creation of your page make sure to add a cover photo.

Once you have the cover photo in place you are finished with the creation of your Google+ business page. You can now share your page with others, connect and add people to your circles, conduct a Google Hangout, etc.

Stay tuned for the next post – How to Get Your Google+ Business Page Verified.





Adwords News: Keyword Planner & Flexible Bid Strategies Coming to Adwords













Ashley Acuna, April 12, 2013

In February 2013,  Google launched its enhanced campaign that made Adwords compatible with  smartphones. This enhanced campaign makes it possible for advertisers to reach people across all devices – with correct ads that are based on their location, time of day and their device type. The benefit for the advertiser with the new enhanced campaign is that you no longer have to have different campaigns for each different targeted device.

Google details the benefits of the enhanced campaign:

1. Powerful advertising tools for the multi-device world: Ability to manage your bids across devices, locations and time (e.g. bidding higher when showing your ad on mobile devices or to users who are within a half-mile of your store).
2. Smarter ads optimized for varying user contexts: Ability to show the right creative, site link, app or extension based on the context of your prospective customers and the devices they’re using.
3. Advanced reports to measure new conversion types: Ability to track new conversion types, such as calls, digital downloads, and conversions across devices.


Since it’s launch, Google has been developing two new additions to the enhanced campaign, they are:

Keyword Planner

The keyword planner is a new tool that is a combination of the keyword search tool and traffic estimator. With this new integrated work flow users will be able to find new keywords while getting traffic estimates. Without this integration you have to conduct both of them separately and on different screens.

Flexible Bids

With flexible bids you can set bid adjustments at campaign, ad group or at keyword level. One major future that is returning is the ability to bid to page positions. According to Google’s blog the flexible bid tool will allow, “more control and precision over bids in an enhanced campaign, advertisers will soon be able to set a mobile bid adjustment at the ad group level. We think this may be useful if you’ve been operating large scale campaigns and found that your optimal bids for some keywords would require significantly different mobile bid adjustments within an enhanced campaign.”


These additions will make the enhanced campaign better for the users and are expected to debut on July 22, 2013.

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Google PPC Ads – News Update

3/20/2013 – Ashley Acuna

Call Extensions Will Take the Place of Phone Number in PCC Ads

In April 2013, Google will no longer include phone numbers in PPC ads. Instead, call extensions will take their place. For smartphones, the ad will instead have a Call Button feature and on laptops, desktops and tablets the ad will be shown with a number that is not clickable.

While the update was announced March 16, 2013 many people are not catching wind of it until now:

“In the next few weeks, we will no longer allow phone numbers to be used in the ad text of new ads. Advertisers who would still like to promote phone numbers in their AdWords advertising can use the call extensions feature. We’re posting this alert now to provide adequate lead time to make ad changes. In April 2013, we will begin to disapprove ads that were using phone numbers in their ad text before the March 2013 policy change. We are making this change to foster a safer, more consistent user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.”


What This Means for your PPC Campaign

According to a study done by Accenture, in 2012 61% of internet users accessed the internet through a mobile device. Because so many of us are using our smartphones to access information, some would argue that this is just another way for Google to monetize PPC:

“When a customer clicks the phone number on a mobile device that’s capable of making a phone call, you’ll be charged the same as for a standard click on the ad. Note that your phone number will be clickable only on devices that allow a user to click and call (so, for example, your ad will not show a clickable phone number on iPod Touch devices).”














Businesses will have to take into account their PPC budget with the new changes being made by Google since the call extension is the same cost as a click. PPC can play an integral part in SEO and reinforcing organic placements within the search engine result page. At Organic SEO Marketing we specialize in PPC management; creating PPC budgets and identifying the best PPC campaign for your business.

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Google’s New Sherriff – Penguin

2/18/2013 – Ashley Acuna

Exact Anchor Text; Once a Friend, Now a Foe



The purpose of Google’s Panda, which made its debut in April 2012, is aimed at negating, what they deem ‘low-quality’ sites from the top of the search results and exchanging those with ‘higher-quality’ sites.

While Panda’s focus has been targeting spammy sites; its offspring, Penguin, targets the same, but goes a bit deeper by targeting link building and deeming some of the links as “unnatural links”.  Since Google has not stated specifically what links Penguin is targeting, it will be difficult for businesses to understand why their rankings have dropped and what content they have to augment in order to salvage their standing on Google’s top search page.


How Things Have Changed

Pre-Penguin, exact-match anchor text was considered one of the key practices in link building and was a contributing factor that would help get you to the top of Google’s search results; in an article published via, exact-match anchor text accounted for 30-45% of overall inbound links.

In the post-penguin age however, exact-match anchor text is 1-5% of overall inbound links. So, what was once considered the way to get your business to the top of Google’s search results is now considered unnatural linking and will now negatively affect your ranking.


Finding the Right Help

Penguin has caused trouble for many businesses that had gained first page results with the old rules, but are now victims of the new rules. The mystery about this particular algorithm is not just how businesses can adapt their future anchor text, but how to know which current links are considered “unnatural” and thus need to be removed or augmented from the businesses website.

A SEO firm will not only be able to adapt to Penguin, but they will also be able to figure out if the current links need to be deleted or diluted. SEO professionals specialize in getting you to the top of Google’s search results and even with Penguin, they are able to adapt to the new rules through testing various keywords that are particular to your business and selecting the proper anchor text for your sites optimization; avoiding over saturated anchor text, thus preventing a loss in ranking.

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Sandy knocks out major East Coast tech & internet companies


Hurricane  Sandy knocks out power & business for major east coast hubs. A number of popular technology websites are down and out after Sandy hits NYC. Gawker & Huffington Post are both down and out. According to their twitter they are “flooded by sea foam”. While we think of all technology companies being located in silicone vally and Washington state, there are many technology media and information sites located in NYC. The stock market also is located in NYC. The market was down Monday and this Tuesday morning. Only the second time in its history, since 1888 that the market has been down two consecutive days. What does this mean for your company? Well with over 20 billion in losses expected for the north east, we can all expect the economy, the internet world and the market to be effected.  How much and how badly will they be effected to is to be determined.  The effect of natural disasters impact some industries more then others. There may be less patrons at restaurants  but the grocery stores cant keep their shelves stocked. There are people who are out of work, but will be getting overtime when they can return, as well as people who will be working day and night to clean debris and rebuild. One of the biggest hits is on the airlines over 16,000 flights have been canceled and three major airports with international travel and national travel have been shut down.  Basically as humans we always rebuild and have the power to overcome obstacles  Lets use this disaster to put our human abilities to the test to adapt, to thrive and to concur. Take a lesson from the east coasters, if your business slows down or takes a hit, rebuild and regroup. Take time when your down to rethink your business plan and strategy. Consider new ways to market, work within your local area and consider doing a local internet marketing campaign. Your business can always thrive you just need to find a way to work with what you have.

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Google vs. French media sites heat up!

Google is threatening to drop links to French media sites. The question at hand is if Google should have to pay publishers like newpapers for linking their content? France says absolutely they should pay while Google doesn’t want to penny up, and they are prepared to do whatever it takes.

Googles executives are doing whatever it takes to keep the French from imposing a tax on search engines for displaying news content. What does this mean and how these commissions would work, if you search for French news, or French gossip, using Google-Google would get charged for displaying the content in the search. The French aren’t the only ones who are considering this tax either  Germany is considering it too! A Google spokesperson had stated that this would threaten the very existence of the search engine, and others also. Google stated also that it can’t accept such a move a would be forced to stop referencing the sites.  Google has posted the entire letter on its European blog.

The owners of many French media sites, newspapers and outlets are excited about the tax. They feel their content is compromised when searchable. There are some that feel that this is no different then Fox News quoting something happening in France. The thought that the internet is public domain is where they have issues. Since all information that is “put out there” is searchable, copy-able, and can be linked to other articles would they like to tax all information that their country produces? Since when is information taxable. In the age of the internet when information is available at your fingertips  24-7 how can this information be controlled and how can content be traceable for a tax. Furthermore if companies are trying to monetize on their content why aren’t they controlling it from within? How can companies produce quality content that can benefit them with out being  compromised by a search engine, or another news outlet?

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Top 3 SERP Positions recieve 60% of all Clicks from Users.

Why SEO is the most effective marketing investment you can make.

Deciding how to allocate your online marketing budget can be confusing. With so many options from pay per click advertising to display ads and paid search results how do you know where to invest? I have compiled some statistics that I hope can help you increase you return on investment.

According to new research from GroupMUK and Nielsen, search engine users overwhelmingly click on organic results rather than Pay per click advertisements on Google and Bing by a margin of 94 percent to 6 percent.

61 percent of paid search ads are displayed in the right sidebar. Yet these ads get just 13 percent of the clicks.

SEO is the most effective way to invest your marketing budget.

A new study conducted by Optify reveals how critical its is for websites to appear on page 1 of Google results. In fact, the top three positions receive 58.4% of all clicks from users.

More specifically the click through rate is as follows;

Number 1 spot – 36.4%

Number 2 spot -12.5%

Number 3 spot – 9.5%

This study by Optify shows that traffic going 1st ranked website on the Google results page equal to the traffic going to the sites ranked 2nd through 5th.

Let Organic SEO Marketing get you those first page placements, guaranteed or your money back.  Contact us today.

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Tips to increase your website speed

Everyone wants and needs a fast website. Lets review some tips on how to really get your site to work for you and your customers.

Tip 1. Your Server & Hosting! These are so important if you don’t have suitable hosting for your site you may be loosing precious load time, which could lead to people leaving your page.  Make sure your server can handle your site.

Tip2. Leverage Browser caching-what this means is that make sure your website can use already loaded jpeg images when people return to your site. So the images will already be available and the next time they come back the website, making your load time decrease.

Tip 3. Enable a keep alive-According to wikipedia “A Keep-Alive signal is often sent at predefined intervals and plays an important role on the Internet. After a signal is sent, if no reply is received, the link is assumed to be down and future data will be routed via another path until the link is up again” -wikipedia.  Keep alive allows the TCP connections to stay alive, most hosting companies have this disabled so contact them to ask.

Tip 4. Enable gzip compression. “Gzip is the most popular and effect compression method and reduces the response size by at least 70%”-Yahoo This will reduce the size of the HTTP response and page weight.

Tip 5. Make mobile landing page redirects available in a cache-when you go to on your mobile phone your re-directed to which is mobile. It may take a minute on your phone for this to happen but if you enable a caching system with your mobile device the next time you visit twitter from your mobile you will have no problem accessing the site it will automatically redirect. This will help your load time and speed up your site.

Tip 6. Make a mobile site! This will help you in a variety of ways. People are using their phones to access the internet and making a mobile site will make your website load time speed up on their phone and also on their browser. A mobile web site can also be used with smart phones to directly dial a phone number with a touch or to have touch directions that will work with the users GPS. Making the users life a little easier.

Tip 7. Use a content delivery network. This is a way to deliver content more effectively and efficiently to users. The server selected is usually based on network proximity.

Tip 8. Minimize re-directs. This is huge since a re-direct can really slow down your device and can make it more confusing for the user and for the network. Never reference URLs in your pages that are known to re-direct to other URLs.

Tip 9. Increasing the speed of your website and making small changes also increases your SEO. This is great news for you since this is a way for you to optimize your search and places you higher in searches. Now just blog away and work on your content and your one step closer to becoming a SEO machine.

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