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Custom Blog Creation


Organic SEO marketing offers custom blog creation hosted under the domain name of your choice. (i.e.  Create unlimited blog categories and topics, and upload your own photos and other media with just a few clicks, with our custom blog creation services that makes blogging easy. 


We can help you launch your own blog, with custom blog creation services that include an easy to use interface for adding new content, deleting content or updating features quickly and easily.  The professional custom blog creation services provided by Organic SEO Marketing can have a big impact on your bottom line.  Drive more visitors to your site and develop your customer base with a custom designed blog that will attract attention and get results. 



Custom Blog Services

All custom blogs include advanced reporting and tracking services to enhance your blogging experience and to help you see how your blog is working for you.  Take advantage of automatic spam protection, 100% secure user access and integrated site usage stats so you can quickly monitor your blog’s traffic.  It’s the easiest, fastest way to get your blog up fast and monitor your traffic as you grow, with the added benefit of a secure user experience.


Our customer blog creation services include complete integration with all popular social media tools and applications, including Flickr,, Meebo and more.   Add even more functionality to your blog with our integrated RSS and social media platform to get your message out to an even bigger audience.  We make it easy to connect with all of your favorite services, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.



Promote Your Message Fast

With custom blog creation, you’ll instantly have access to the blogging community, making it easy to get your message out.  Promote a product or service, or simply tell a story with your own customer blog, and watch your traffic grow. 


Our custom-designed blogs include advanced functionality for categorizing and tagging posts and tracking user activity, all in one easy to use interface.  It’s the fastest way to launch and manage your customer-facing blog, and it can really get the results that you’ve been looking for.


At Organic SEO Marketing, we make it easy to manage your own blog and take the hard work out of setting it up by creating an attractive design and layout.  In addition to our standard custom blog creation services, we also offer customization services on the B2evolution platform and the Nucleus platform.  We also offer customization for blogs.    Contact us for more information.


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