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Edu Links

At Organic SEO Marketing we know from experience that obtaining EDU Text links is useful to gaining top search engine position ranking. EDU websites are more trusted because they have higher PR scores and they are typically more aged domain names, making them a lot harder to get a hold of. This is a tremendously helpful aspect to have, and this is known by optimizers who are themselves involved in link building and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The main search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! love popular sites and they categorize them higher in search results. Edu links pointing back at your website mean more recognition your website with Google and Yahoo! and more credibility.

Acquiring high quality Edu links from respected websites is a key component of effective search engine optimization. It is important to have lots of links from a great many locations on the internet, but quality is important. After all, back links to your site reflect on you and your company. Valuable and intelligent linking stands you in good stead in the internet environment. Search engines assess the links of your website according to certain criteria. Areas that they will evaluate include:

  • Your site's relevance and theme
  • The link's page rank
  • The domain authority of the site you are linking to

The site with which you wish to establish a link needs to be relevant to your own web site's content. Page ranking is an important aspect of Edu linking. The site that you are linking to will bring you higher rewards if it itself ranks high in search engines' listings. The respectability of the website is another consideration, Edu linking to a site that features well written and informative original content will benefit you enormously.

What constitutes an Edu link?

Basically, an Edu link is a link to any high quality and scholarly content that has intellectual merit and value in terms of its informative nature. Most Edu link content is written by scholars or people who are qualified to expound upon the given subject matter.

Edu links need not always come from Edu domains, although links from sites which are known to be educational resources carry more weight so it is always favorable to aim for such sites.

Most businesses, no matter what products or services they offer, can benefit from the inclusion of high value, high impact Edu links online.

So can EDU links really help to increase your ranking? The answer is yes, still it is critical to take on all other suggested techniques of optimization by Organic SEO Marketing. We guarantee to source the most appropriate Edu links for your business based on analysis of your site's content and your corporate aims.

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