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Local Search Engine Marketing

  • Wherever it is possible, online buyers prefer to shop locally

NJ based Research Company The Kelsey Group, reported that 70% of U.S.A. households use the Internet as a primary information source in comparison to the 45% that use the Yellow Pages. Most popularly the Internet is used for local shopping to find particular products and services.

The conclusion also implies that Local Internet searches are destined to exceed newspapers in popularity as a local shopping information source.

On average, 27% of their total search pattern was for local information. Similarly, Nielsen/Net Ratings says that 24.4% of all searches are local.

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  • The latest marketing tool to increase sales is "Local Search Enhancement"

All the main local search engines and directories let businesses present their company's content to be included in a local listing. This sort of content is usually in the form of a business profile. Most business owners are oblivious to the fact that this opportunity does exist or they just do not know how to implement it. When they do try and accomplish it by themselves, it is quickly realized that proposing these business profiles to each search engine or directory singly can cost more and be a frustrating and time consuming task. This is where Organic SEO Marketing can help by ensuring that your precious time is used to focus on money making and not focused on submitting your URL over the Internet.

Examples of before and after enhancement

The Benefits of the program are as follows:

  • The chosen information is sent to all the main search engines and directories for less than the cost of basic Yellow Pages listing
  • A FREE map is supplied on your listing. Maps on the different search engines are based upon their own software range
  • Your information will be renewed as needed. All updates are presented to the search engines and directories on a weekly basis

So, by having all your local search requirements completed at one handy location, you have re-assurance that this is taken care of while also being cost-effective and time saving.

The exclusive features and benefits of this program will be shown in detail by our representatives. As well as evaluating your website they will aid you in selecting the top keywords that will get the attention of possible clients and get the outcome you are searching for.

To get started order now or to learn more call us at: (323) 477-2798.

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