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Mobile Website Enhancement

When using a mobile phone Internet browser, as some users do, to view your company's website, more often that not it's difficult to actually work out what you are seeing. With Organic SEO Marketing this problem can now be solved. We offer custom packages that will get your business a mobile site fast. Not only that, but we keep it highly professional and very cost effective. We offer complete mobile web design or overhaul which also includes hosting.

Going mobile can allow you to promote your product and your company in such a way that will attract all of your potential customers; meeting their needs and expectations. You may already have an existing website that you think may benefit from a conversion to a mobile version. With Organic SEO Marketing this can be done. From changing background color or text color, or even adding graphics, logos and icons, we implement changes that can make a big difference and can be completed quickly.

With today's technology there are so many different types and styles of mobile phones. Every one has a different way of functioning and every one has a certain way of presenting mobile sites.

Organic SEO Marketing can host your mobile site. And with experience and expertise we can create your mobile website properly and effectively, enabling you to attract your wanted clients through modern technology. At the same time you'll be ahead of your competing opponents by doing something different.

Below is an interesting article recently published on December 1, 2008 by Stuart Corner.
Mobile web site use surges, but usability lacking

Use of mobile Web sites is growing at 10 percent every month, yet mobile sites struggle to deliver an effective experience, according to a new report from research firm, Yankee Group.

Their report, entitled 'The Best of the Anywhere Web' references a new Yankee Group methodology known as Mobile Web Scorecard. The scorecard comprises 25 specific questions devised to appraise performance in 5 key categories:

  • User
  • Device
  • Network
  • Design
  • Effectiveness.

It ranked 32 USA mobile web sites on a 1-100 scale but found not one site that had a pass mark of 70.

Expectations are that the mobile is to become the users' favored means of gaining access to the web in the next decade. Yankee says, "It represents a major opportunity for companies to leverage, especially in tough economic times when other market opportunities may be stagnating."

Carl Howe, a director in Yankee Group's Anywhere Consumer research group, and the author of the report, said, "Satisfying mobile users isn't rocket science, yet our report finds that the average mobile web site has significant room for improvement. Although most of these web sites are functional, few provide anything specifically designed for mobile users; instead they rely on reformatted desktop content. The average score of 54 shows just what these sites are, average."

Bank of America scored high with 67, topping the financial services category. Yankee described their site as having "Zen-like simplicity" and "comprehensive security". Regional financial institutions First Interstate Bank and US Bancorp tied for 2nd place, each scoring a respectable 65 points.

Yankee said that both sites mirrored Bank of America's straightforwardness, but they didn't have the level of refinement in how they aided mobile users in locating their ATMs, branch locations, and basic functions.

Edmunds, eBay and ranked as the top three online retail sites.

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