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Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a very popular Web 2.0 tool that will aid you to boost organic search results with all major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Organic SEO Marketing is a specialist in this area, supplying Social Bookmarking with high quality back links. Organic SEO Marketing guarantees the successful performance of the task of bookmarking your site on all desirable social sites. While doing this we will also ensure that we are using essential keywords and descriptions of your website. This is a very significant feature of our organic SEO procedure and is inclusive in all of our packages. Google in particular rates social bookmarking with great significance when they index websites, so they help increase your website's search engine ranking.

Social bookmarking is the ideal means for online users to keep, arrange, explore, and administer bookmarks of web sites and pages on the web. Social bookmarking is made possible with the use of what is known as metadata. The most common form of metadata used in this instance is tagging. Sometimes this is called social tagging, the way in which online users process their keywords as a means to make data available to others. Social bookmarking systems work in the following way:

  • When users wish to refer again to websites they have visited, or share them with others they save links to those pages.
  • They can be saved as private information or shared with specific individuals or named groups.
  • *  Sometimes information is shared only within particular networks

If desired, information can be made available both privately and publicly. Approved persons are able to access the bookmarks either:

  • In chronological order
  • By specific category or tagged keywords
  • Via search engines such as Google and Yahoo!

The majority of social bookmarking sites and services give users the opportunity to sort out their bookmarks with a casual tagging system in place of the more commonly used folders system. Some of the services do include categorization folders or a mixture of both folders and tagging. The viewing of bookmarks that are linked with a specified meta tag or keywords is a main feature of social bookmarking. Details about a particular bookmark's popularity can also be obtained.

A lot of social bookmarking services offer web feeds for their inventory of bookmarks. This includes listings that are arranged by relevant tags. This system enables subscribers to be immediately alerted as to when new bookmarks are either saved, shared, and/or tagged by other online users. Because these services have developed and advanced to become more popular, a great many additional features have been included. These are:

  • Ratings and comments
  • Importation and exportation of bookmarks from a browser base
  • The emailing of bookmarks
  • Web annotation
  • Grouping and other social networking elements

Ask us how social bookmarking can help you achieve your business objectives and aid your company in gaining online success.

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