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Top 3 Sponsored Placement (Basic Sponsored)

You no longer have to be concerned about Internet placement, or losing your Internet position due to your competition getting more visitors. Here at Organic SEO Marketing we will ensure that your site is amongst the top 3 sponsorship positions with search engines Google and Yahoo!

What we offer:

  • This service provides an unlimited amount of clicks plus a flat-rate pricing model.

So if you're a Local Business looking to make profit from clients in your catchment area or a National Business wanting to expand and develop in a number of different regions, this is the perfect solution. And cost effective too!

Let's face it, running your business is what you do best, and now you can have peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your placement is secured. We can take care of all of your online marketing needs.

Top 5 Sponsored Placement (Special Sponsored)

At Organic SEO Marketing we endeavor to keep our clients up in the Top 5 positions of the search results on both Google and Yahoo! We target for specific keywords, and provide an unlimited amount of clicks everyday, all day long. This package is designed with the business client who has a higher PPC Marketing budget and a clear idea of the specific keywords and phrases that will encourage high volume and high quality click-thru traffic that converts into sales. Here at Organic SEO we aim to ensure that those specific keywords remain up in the Top 5 positions of the sponsored search results. Also passing the savings made on to our clients.

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