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Reaching the expectations of today's consumer in any media is easily done if you have the ability and expertise. With telemarketing it is possible to generate a media blending marketing and customer contact plan suitable for your company's particular requirements. Telemarketing can be used as an additional part of your office where you can incorporate these services.

We have acquired the necessary skills to make millions of calls on a daily basis to pitch your 30-second pitch script. We provide the phone numbers and make the calls for you, unlike other companies. We will also amend your 30-second script for the best possible effectuality. Then, once you have approved the amendments to your script we will launch your campaign within 24-48 hours. Any schedule can be chosen Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Once your desired schedule is picked we can begin making calls, for instance on Tuesday, and then the phone calls must continue for consecutive days until the full amount of calls has been made.

The script for us to work from must be supplied by you and must include a cross connects telephone number that is not a toll free phone number. The facilities for you to target all types of clients nationwide, including 2-3 different area codes, is offered in our service. You can expect to gain a 15% -25% return on your investment from our telemarketing services.

Description of Service:

The phone server will proceed to call thousands of phone numbers and when a call is answered; your message to the respondent will be delivered. Then, if the respondent's interest is piqued they will be directly connected to your cross connect phone number. If it happens that our telemarketers don't get through and reach an answering machine, a professional message with your contact information will be left.

The service operates as a practical and effective extension of your business. Grow a team of experts! This is performed day in and day out. With outsourcing you gain access to state-of-the-art equipment and leading edge technology.

Live phone calls are made on your behalf.

If your possible purchaser is showing interest within or after the 30-second pitch, we will then transfer this buyer live to your sales person directly for closing.

In case the call is not connected and an answering machine is reached, a professional message is prepared and left with all relevant details.

A report is created for you that illustrates how many calls were placed and how many were received. It also shows how much time was spent on the phone with the parties showing interest.


Time saving. All leads generated straight to your office. We don't cold call. All prospects are pre-screened. Give us the details, and we'll provide the basic information. Want the perfect script? Our professional editors will polish your pitch.

Further Benefits:

Your campaign lasts as long as you want it to. Boost sales staff morale. Place regular orders for a continuous stream of inward bound sales calls. No need to hire telemarketers by the hour.

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